What It’s Like Being Rejected By Your Crush As Told By "Orange Is The New Black"

The search for “the one” is a never-ending struggle.

1. So…you have this crush, right?

And they totally give you butterflies and stuff.

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2. You’re also a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic.

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So you spend quite a bit of time daydreaming about this crush.

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3. Friends and acquaintances just don’t understand why you’re so into this person.

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4. In fact, your friends don’t miss a chance to make snarky comments about you and your crush.

They think that you really need to get over this shit because “He/she isn’t all that.”

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5. Sometimes you find yourself lying in bed saying really sappy things about them.

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It’s like you’re constantly thinking about the moment you’ll become an item.

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6. In fact, you’re always daydreaming about them seducing you.

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Which makes you even more head over heels for this person.

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7. You say really weird things to your crush like this:

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In your head it seemed endearing.

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8. Like, really weird things.

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OK, not endearing at all. That was pretty blunt.

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9. You finally muster up the courage to tell them how you feel.

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At this point you’re so relieved. A weight has been lifted. In your mind you’re doing a happy dance, anticipating what they’re going to say next.

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10. But that all comes to a halt when they respond:

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Actually, they probably say something like, “Let’s be friends.”

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11. And of course you’re devastated.

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How could you have read the signs so wrong?

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12. Like, they were always really flirtatious!

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Honestly, you feel a bit blindsided. You two could’ve been the next Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff!

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13. Then you tell your best friend about it.

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And they console you the best way they know how. Tacos and drinks for everyone!

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14. But you continue to mope about the rejection for too long and your best friend has to knock some sense into you.


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15. And they convince you to get back into the dating world.

But it’s so hard, especially if you’ve been dismissed.

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16. But then you realize how right they are.

Because honestly, dating is all about trial and error. And as cliché as it sounds, there really are more fish in the sea.

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17. So keep your head up, and keep on being your awesome self.

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