The 21 Most Adorable Adele Moments At The Grammys

Sure, she won a Grammy. But most importantly, she won my heart.

1. When she showed up on the red carpet all positive and spunky.

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2. When she gave Rihanna a big bear Adele hug.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
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3. When she won her Grammy and you could literally see how excited she was from behind.

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4. And then how she was all adorably excited from the front.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
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5. When she made this face.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
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6. And this one.

JOE KLAMAR / Getty Images
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7. And this one especially.

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters
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8. When she struck this adorable pose.

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9. When she adorably listened to whatever boring thing Keith Urban was talking about.

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10. When Beyoncé knelt down to talk to her and she was soooo happy.

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11. And then when Beyoncé whispered something into her ear and you could tell it was the greatest moment of her life.

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12. And then when they took a picture together and you could literally see how hard she was trying to contain her inner fangirl.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
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13. When she adorably listened to Justin Timberlake say something.

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ID: 877053

14. And then when she posed with him and Jessica Biel.

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ID: 877054

15. When it looked like she was screaming at Chris Brown.

Getty Images

Not adorable per se, but commendable nonetheless.

ID: 877207

16. When she was like the only one in the whole crowd standing.

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ID: 877056

17. When she laughed all adorably like this.

Getty Images
ID: 877057

18. And gave this cheeky grin.

Getty Images
ID: 877264

19. And this hearty laugh.

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ID: 877267

20. Oh yeah… when she showed up in Mrs. Doubtfire’s dress.

ID: 877197

21. And when it didn’t matter, because she’s Adele and she’s an adorable blooming British garden.

ID: 877060

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