29 Pictures Of Oprah Posing With Things On Instagram

Forget the Oprah Winfrey Network. This should be Oprah’s full-time job.

1. With Some Cars.

“Made it to the Euc forest. Misty up here.”

ID: 501967

2. With Some Wigs.

“Me and my “girls ” in the makeup trailer. #theBUTLER”

ID: 501948

3. With a Big Ass Flower.

“Sunday Happiness..just picked a hydrangea from my garden , that’s a. Whopper!”

ID: 501951

4. Behind a Big Ass Flower.

“This one the biggest I’ve seen. Covers my whole face . Love Sundays!”

ID: 501953

5. With Some Big Leaves.

Leaving One Sandy Lane Villa. Now on my top 3 list of favorite hotels. They are planting Coconut tree in my honor. Amazing service. Thanks Richard Hunt and entire staff. Felt like being on a great yacht!

ID: 501943

6. With Rihanna in Barbados.

“@rihanna and I leaving after interview. She so surprised me, nothing like I expected.”

ID: 501945

7. With Rihanna in a Car.

“Look who’s driving me around Barbados!”

ID: 501946

8. With a Big Zit and a Zit-Popping Doctor

“Happiest moment: Dr.Christy Hurt comes to give me a shot for the big honking zits on my forehead. Honking zits not good for movie close ups.”

ID: 501949

9. With a Treadmill.

“Happiest moment of the day: finishing the workout I didn’t want to start.”

ID: 501950

10. With a Faceful of Silicon and also a Makeup Lady.

“Fun day. Makeup artists doing a silicon cast for my face for new movie the BUTLER directed by Lee Daniels”

ID: 501962

11. With a Faceful of Silicon and also a Makeup Dude.

“Second layer. hello Halloween!”

ID: 501961

12. With a Faceful of Plaster.

“Phase 3. Feeling a little claustrophobic in here.”

ID: 501960

13. With a Handful of Silicon.

“Now onto hands. Same process.”

ID: 501958

14. With Some Handprints.

“Finished product. We did teeth …but too gross to share. Happy Saturday see ya for Super Soul Sunday tmrw11 am.”

ID: 501957

15. With a Basket Full of Tequila.

“Carl Lewis brings me a basket of tequila. Margarita’s anyone?”

ID: 501964

16. With Some Gymnasts.

“The gymnasts. Nadia. Shawn. MaryLou and the non gymnast me.”

ID: 501965

17. With Some Cars She Got from Ralph Lauren and also Stedman.

“Stedman and I headed up to Eucalyptus forest. Razors gift from Ralph Lauren love driving ‘em”

ID: 501968

18. With a Wet Dog.

“And this is how the hike ended. Hosing down LUKE after his roll in cow poo. STINKY!”

ID: 501971

19. With the Guys.

“Hangin with the guys! Wore my HIgheST hills and still felt short!”

ID: 501973

20. With a Big Shiny Trophy.

“Getting ready to interview NBA Champs for NEXT CHAPTER!”

ID: 501974

21. With Fiddy.

“Just leaving Fiddy’s house ..what a great conversation.”

ID: 501976

22. With India Ariie.

“India Ariie in my favorite color for colored girls!”

ID: 501978

23. With Some Shovels and a Tree and also Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher.

“Planting an “Oprah Oak” with Mike and Carrie on their new dream house property. Interview this Sunday nite NEXT CHAPTER”

ID: 501979

24. With a Bunch of Flowers from Stedman.

“Stedman’s so sweet; had each dog send a separate bouquet with a paw note. Happy Mother’s day to all you real moms. Hardest job on earth. I salute you!”

ID: 501980

25. With a Fluffy Dog.

“Trying to just say NO to another dog . But this little guy is pretty cute.”

ID: 501982

26. With Pizza and also NPH and David Burtka.

“Neil Patrick Harris making pizza in his backyard. It was DELISH!”

ID: 501984

27. With a Dog and also NPH and David Burtka.

“Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, their dog Watson and me in their backyard. Interview for Next Chapter”

ID: 501987

28. With a Handful of Hair.

“Doing hair backstage Lincoln center”

ID: 501990

29. With One of the Kardashian People.

@kimkardashian: “Oh just me & @oprah!!! Can’t wait for you to see “Oprah’s Next Chapter” this Sunday!”

ID: 501991

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