19 More Reasons To Love Netflix

The modern-day Big Brother.

1. When they got a little too real about a date.

ID: 1719601

2. When they sassed back about their recommendations.

ID: 1719596

3. When they stood by their brand.

ID: 1719598

4. When they went all Film Theory on us.

ID: 1719602

5. When they offered to be your girlfriend.

ID: 1719604

6. When they answered a question that wasn’t directed at them.

ID: 1719671

7. When they got a little pushy.

ID: 1719631

8. When they tried to be your one and only.

ID: 1719633

9. When they gave some Cosmo-worthy advice.

ID: 1719638

10. When they opened the lines of communication.

ID: 1719640

11. When they got handsy.

ID: 1719641

12. When we found out they’re a bigger fan of Arrested Development than us.

ID: 1719642

13. When we found out they may actually be Gossip Girl.

ID: 1719592

14. When they acted like our mom.

ID: 1719666

15. When they were a better boyfriend than Jack.

ID: 1719661

16. When they told Sam Ronson that they would never judge her. (Not even for dating Lindsay)

ID: 1719663

17. When they made it clear they don’t believe in tanning beds.

ID: 1719656

18. When they planned a date night.

ID: 1719672

19. When they got sexy for ya.

ID: 1719688

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