Ryan Gosling Makes Everyone 10X Hotter

It’s amazing what a dash of Gosling can do for you.

1. Ryan and Paul Rudd:

2. Ryan and Zach Braff:

3. Ryan and Justin Timberlake:

4. Ryan and Zac Efron:

5. Ryan and Steve Carell:

6. Ryan and Christian Bale:

7. Ryan and A Googly Eyed Christmas Tree:

8. Ryan and Barack Obama:

9. Ryan and Brad Pitt:

10. Ryan and Gerard Butler:

11. Ryan and Harry Styles:

Nevermind the weird hair.

12. Ryan and Chewbacca:


13. Ryan and Jude Law:

14. Ryan and Bradley Cooper:

15. Ryan and a potato that looks like Bradley Cooper:

16. Ryan and Nick Offerman:

17. Ryan and Chris Hemsworth:

18. Ryan and Adam Sandler:

19. Ryan and Nic Cage:

20. Ryan and Michael Fassbender:

21. Ryan and Gollum:


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