17 Kids Who Will Change The World Someday

Maybe the world won’t be so bad after all, because these kids will be ruling it.

1. This little girl who knows a small sacrifice can go a long way:

ID: 887767

2. This little kid who wanted to do the right thing.

A child felt bad for taking two sticks from Yosemite. So she mailed them back, with this note.

ID: 946500

3. And this one who appreciates the importance of education:

ID: 946547

4. This little girl who questions gender stereotypes:

ID: 908106

5. And this one that is concerned about the future:

ID: 964977

6. Caine, the boy who built an arcade out of cardboard, proving creativity has no bounds:

ID: 908871

7. And all the kids that followed in his footsteps:

ID: 965112

8. This little boy, who stood up for his dads:

ID: 965234

9. This forever loyal brother:

ID: 964549

10. This girl who ended up with the best school photo because she “forgot” to tell her mom it was picture day:

ID: 964526

11. And Rino, the girl who will try anything once.

ID: 965000

12. This girl who used logic to make a valid point:

ID: 965866

13. This child who thought of a good way to get out of a bad situation:

ID: 965925

14. And this kid who is a problem SOLVER:

ID: 964649

15. This little boy who learned about friendship at a very young age:

ID: 965120

16. This baby who’s not afraid to stick it to the man:

ID: 964706

17. And this girl, who hopefully will someday make tacos mandatory for all:

ID: 964724

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