Japanese Boy And His French Bulldog Are The World’s Cutest Friends Ever

Get ready to fall in love with Tasuku and his BFF French bulldog, Muu.

1. Meet Tasuku and his French bulldog, Muu.

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2. They like to have sleepovers.

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3. Sometimes they pile on top of each other, because that’s what BFFs do.

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4. And sometimes Tasuku joins Muu in his crate, just to keep him company like a good BFF should.

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5. They watch TV together.

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6. They try to fit into boxes together.

ID: 884684

7. They nearly spoon together.

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8. Muu makes sure to keep an eye on his BFF.

ID: 884686

9. And Tasuku returns the favor.

ID: 884688

10. They’ve combined their BFF forces to solve elaborate puzzles.

ID: 884689

And fix the world’s injustices.

ID: 884696

11. They motivate each other to get the exercise they need.

ID: 884690

12. Muu makes sure Tasuku brushes his teeth, because that’s just good hygiene.

ID: 884695

13. Sometimes they take naps, where they whisper secrets to each other.

ID: 884699

14. Or Muu will offer his head as a desk for Tasuku.

ID: 884701

15. Then they’ll both sleep some more.

ID: 884704

16. Or sometimes just Muu.

ID: 884706

17. But either way, these two are the best of adorable friends.

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