What Happens When Matt Damon Took Over “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

It was a star-studded event as Matt Damon got his revenge.

1. First, Matt Damon kidnapped Jimmy and held him hostage.

ID: 835128

2. Then we saw this clip of Jimmy Kimmel auditioning for Matt Damon’s roles with the help of several celebrities.

ID: 835392

3. Then Robin Williams did the opening monologue.

ID: 835347

4. Then Andy Garcia replaced Jimmy’s sidekick/security guard Guillermo.

ID: 835354

5. Then Ben Affleck made an appearance but left because he couldn’t betray Jimmy.

ID: 835351

6. Then Jimmy’s ex Sarah Silverman came on the show and talked about their relationship.

ID: 835355

7. Then Nicole Kidman entered and humped Jimmy Kimmel.

ID: 835350

8. Then Reese Witherspoon appeared and joined the show.

ID: 835365

9. Then Demi Moore showed up.

ID: 835369

10. Then several MORE really famous people congratulated Matt on his “new show” while ripping on Jimmy Kimmel.

ID: 835362

11. Oh yeah, and Sheryl Crowe was there.

ID: 835554

12. Fin.

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