16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

John Stamos did something with his tongue, Oprah worked out and more!

1. Beyoncé boarded a jet:

ID: 2496073

2. Lea MIchele relaxed on a big chair:

ID: 2496075

3. Zooey Deschanel and her stunt double were revealed:

ID: 2496077

4. KIm Kardashian made friends with Seth Rogen and Tracy Morgan:

ID: 2496078

5. John Stamos did this:

ID: 2496079

6. Harry Styles showed off his new Lego slippers:

ID: 2496080

7. Miley put her tongue in another Miley:

ID: 2496081

8. Rihanna got warm in a hot tub:

ID: 2496082

9. Sarah Jessica Parker hung out with all these other famous people:

ID: 2496083

10. Michael B. Jordan and Snoop hung out:

ID: 2496086

11. Elli Goulding showed some love to Rita Ora:

ID: 2496100

12. Andy Cohen jumped off a boat:

ID: 2496101

13. Donald Faison showed us his golf face:

ID: 2496102

14. Nicole Richie hugged Britney Spears:

ID: 2496103

15. Oprah did Soul Cycle:

ID: 2496115

16. And Drake looked down:

ID: 2496116

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