19 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Miley partied, Zac Efron went to a haunted house, and more!

1. Zac Efron went on a haunted hayride with Brittany Snow and Derek Hough:

ID: 1793696

2. Lady showed off her new wig and nose ring:

ID: 1793693

3. Mae Whitman got a kiss from Dax:

ID: 1793694

4. Miley partied as the photographers looked on:

ID: 1793695

5. Justin Bieber showed off his blossoming buffness:

ID: 1793808

6. Miley rode another wrecking ball:

ID: 1793809

7. Harry Styles was a fighting Kangaroo:

ID: 1793810

8. Lena Headey had extra long legs:

ID: 1793811

9. Selena Gomez met her fans:

ID: 1793891

10. James Franco got up close and personal:

ID: 1793892

11. Shaq “sang” a song:

ID: 1793987

12. Kim and Khloe had a sisterly moment:

ID: 1793893

13. Ke$ha showed off her new kat:

ID: 1793956

14. John Stamos took a creepshot of a beach boy:

ID: 1793957

15. Beyonce performed Instagramception:

ID: 1793958

16. Mindy Kaling hung out with her boys.

ID: 1793991

17. Maisie Williams realized how tall Isaac has gotten:

ID: 1793959

18. James Van Der Beek tried physics and failed:

ID: 1793980

19. And Oprah used a computer:

ID: 1793993

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