27 Types Of Graffiti You Only See In Britain

From the polite to the profane, the UK’s “finest” street art.

1. The weirdly cautious message of insurrection.

ID: 1051995

2. The customer complaint.

Photo by Sam Hart.

ID: 1051976

3. The admirably creative insult.

ID: 1052070

4. The gleeful invitation to serious injury.

ID: 1052003

5. The sexual brag.

Photo by David John Brock.

ID: 1051978

6. The self-reflexive criticism.

ID: 1056347

7. The ironic apology.

ID: 1051979

8. The slightly unfair generalisation.

Photo by Abby Waldman.

ID: 1051981

9. The emo cry for help.

Photo by Nell Frizell.

ID: 1051999

10. The legitimately quite funny joke.

ID: 1051982

11. The shocking act of movie poster vandalism.

ID: 1052007

12. The smart subversion of corporate logos.

ID: 1056246

13. The cheekily doctored road sign.

Photo by Chris Barrett.

ID: 1051988

14. The first-rate pun.

Photo by Dan Morris.

ID: 1051989

15. The kind-hearted display of community spirit.

ID: 1051990

16. The graffiti that refers to itself.

ID: 1056491

17. The reality check.

Photo by Jack McGinity.

ID: 1051991

18. The London Underground sign-bomb.

ID: 1052049

19. The crude newspaper defacement.

ID: 1056310

20. The ingenious act of anthropomorphism.

Photo by Gurpreet Gupta.

ID: 1052051

21. The smart-arse rejoinder.

ID: 1052055

22. The below-the-belt jibe.

ID: 1056463

23. The harbinger of doom.

ID: 1056474

24. The needlessly courteous request.

ID: 1056266

25. The howl of anguish.

ID: 1056247

26. The eloquent political protest.

Photo by by Dominic Simpson.

ID: 1051974

27. And of course, last but not least - the plaintive cock and balls.

Photo by Robert Negri.

ID: 1051984

Photo: Andrew Huxter.

ID: 1056349
ID: 1056351

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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