The 24 Most Important Flowcharts Of All Time

Turns out all the biggest questions in life can be answered by diagrams.

1. Are you Meat Loaf?

ID: 1144505

2. Is it the ’90s?

ID: 1144493

3. How do you know if God exists?

ID: 1144494

4. Should you tweet about a breaking news story?

ID: 1144498

5. Which religion should you follow?

ID: 1144500

6. Are you unfamiliar with the rules of Pictionary?

ID: 1144501

7. Will you survive being a bridesmaid?

ID: 1144509

8. Should you wear sweatpants?

ID: 1144511

9. Are you a hipster?

ID: 1144514

10. Should you shave your legs?

ID: 1144521

11. How does electronic music work?

ID: 1144527

12. You dropped food on the floor. Should you eat it?

ID: 1144530

13. Which Christoper Nolan film are you watching?

ID: 1144533

16. Is it steampunk?

ID: 1144539

17. Should you go to the pub?

ID: 1145780

18. Are you a horse?

ID: 1144544

19. Have you forgotten the lyrics to “Hey Jude”?

ID: 1144496

20. Should you eat Nutella?

ID: 1144545

21. Should you buy this bottle of fine wine?

ID: 1144546

22. Should you get a tattoo?

ID: 1144549

23. Should you drink on a date?

ID: 1144550

24. Is it time to make changes in your life?

ID: 1144503

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