The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To Halloween

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1. There was plenty of useful advice on how to get through the day.

2. And plenty of gags.

3. And topical satire.

Here's my pumpkin for this year. I'm calling it "News of the World Editor in Six Months Time".

(Nothing like a bit of pumpkin-based satire).

5. London Underground got kudos on Twitter for joining in the fun.

6. Though the supermarkets didn’t quite nail it, to be honest.

7. The grammar pedants were out in force.

9. Some people called for a bit of sympathy for the undead.

10. Others called for a return to the true spirit of the festival.

12. Others didn’t quite get into the spirit.

13. But, of course, there was justified acclaim for the truly creative costumes.

Hats off RT @AlsBoy: For Halloween someone dressed their child up as Gordon Ramsay and I'm glad they did

14. Like this one.

15. And especially this one.

Nothing To See Here. Just an AMAZING pug who's dressed as a Wrecking Ball for Halloween ...

16. But then someone came up with the most chilling Halloween costume of all.

17. And yet somehow none of it was quite as terrifying as this.

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