Sean Bean’s Reddit AMA Was Everything You Could Hope For

He told an epic Nicolas Cage story and appeared to confirm a Game of Thrones fan theory.

1. He may have been appearing to promote his new show, Legends, but started by seeming to confirm a major fan theory in Game of Thrones.

ID: 3536904

2. And he certainly seems pretty convinced.

ID: 3536929

3. Though it might just be because he doesn’t really like Jon Snow.

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5. He went on to talk about some other things he enjoyed from the series.

ID: 3536953

9. He also gave his prediction for the final victor.

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11. Apparently, he’s often confused for the other Mr Bean.

ID: 3536907
ID: 3537219

13. He gave some advice to fans.

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15. He cleared up some rumours.

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Rare / Via
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19. He has a great backup plan if the acting thing doesn’t pan out.

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20. He defended his famously high movie death rate.

ID: 3536914
Platinum Dunes
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22. He told some great stories about things that happened to him on set.

ID: 3536923

25. And apparently, Ali Larter smells nice.

ID: 3536951

26. He also confirmed exactly how much he missed Yorkshire.

ID: 3536942

27. Enthusiastically.

ID: 3536941
ID: 3537289

29. Though he had big ideas for London.

ID: 3536928

30. He also confirmed that he was very aware of his most famous line.

ID: 3536906
New Line Cinema / Via
ID: 3537303

32. But mainly he talked about food. To himself.

ID: 3536918

38. Seriously, everything came back to food.

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Helena Productions / Via
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40. But the highlight, undoubtedly, was this anecdote about Nicolas Cage.

ID: 3536912

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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