29 Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

Wizards are actually useless.

1. When they realised that maybe Voldemort wasn’t the great wizard he thought he was.

ID: 3141952

2. When they figured out that maybe Dumbledore wasn’t the best headmaster.

ID: 3144411

3. When they realised the actual truth about Hufflepuff.

ID: 3141786

4. When they found this massive flaw in all of Harry’s plans.

ID: 3141660

5. When they figured out exactly how important Peter was to the story.

ID: 3141630

6. When they thought about what teenage girls actually write in their diaries.

ID: 3141955

7. When they theorised that Harry might actually have PTSD.

ID: 3141669

8. When they really got down to some solid metaphors.

ID: 3141820

9. When they started actually just re-creating it.

ID: 3141682

10. When they realised Draco might have a different opinion.

ID: 3141684

11. When they thought that maybe Harry wasn’t actually very smart.

ID: 3144415

12. When they figured out there was a much better way that Potions should have been taught.

ID: 3141685

13. When they realised that Hogwarts explains the entire educational system.

ID: 3141686

14. When they came up with the perfect scale for describing medical problems.

ID: 3141687

15. When they realised that maybe some decisons were justified.

ID: 3141688

16. When they found out that maybe the kids weren’t as wholesome as they looked.

ID: 3141703

17. When they thought that maybe Dumbledore was a bit of a prankster.

ID: 3141716

18. When they finally figured out that there were some things they all agreed on.

ID: 3141735

19. When they realised that maybe wizard sex is complicated.

ID: 3141744

20. When they hypothesised a different upbringing for Harry.

ID: 3141771

21. When they found the best way to explain the difference between the houses.

ID: 3141790

22. When they highlighted the ultimate plot twist.

ID: 3141792

23. When they just got jealous.

ID: 3144414

24. When they found out that Voldemort was sort of Elvis.

ID: 3141822

25. When they realised the flaw in one of Umbridge’s plans.

ID: 3141855

26. When they streamlined the whole thing.

ID: 3141901

27. When they thought about genealogy for the first time.

ID: 3141956

28. When they realised just how snappy wizard names are.

ID: 3144413

29. When they started questioning some of Ron’s actions.

ID: 3144416

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