Comedians Have One-Sided Conversations With Celeb Tweets

The new web series Conversations With a Twitter Feed has comedians respond to tweets from their favorite Twitter celebrities. There’s not a lot of back-and-forth.

ID: 768817

Created by Someecards writer Alex Mann, Conversations With a Twitter Feed is a web series where comedians chat with celebrities — just not in person. Turns out it’s tough to create a meaningful dialogue when one half of the conversation is just tweets. On the plus side, it’s really funny.

Full disclosure: I did a Conversations With a Twitter Feed episode, which will be released next week. Rest assured I won’t link to my own heart-to-heart with Courtney Stodden.

Instead, here are a few of my favorite episodes:

ID: 768812

3. Jason Mustian chats with Nancy Grace.

ID: 768820

4. Eli Yudin chats with Danzig.

ID: 768823

5. Bridey Elliott chats with Carly Simon.

ID: 768866

6. Carey O’Donnell chats with Kim Kardashian.

ID: 768833

You can view the rest of the CWATF episodes here.

ID: 768852

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