16 Things “Clueless” Fans Love

All hail Cher.

1. Daydreaming about a closet that does this.

ID: 1544326

2. Freaking out over apps that attempt to recreate Cher’s closet.

ID: 1544370

3. Being completely unapologetic about how you actually wore knee highs every day of 1996.

ID: 1544418

4. Similarly, feeling pretty great about how you wore button-up shirts under sweaters.

ID: 1544408

5. Doing this dance at parties.

ID: 1544427

6. Freaking out about how awesome it was that Calvin Klein reissued this famous dress.

Not that we could actually afford it.

ID: 1544442

7. Being very clear that you do not endorse the TV version of Clueless.


ID: 1544449

8. If you live in L.A., saying this anytime people bitch about parking.

ID: 1544562

9. Tweeting about your heroes on a semi-regular basis.

ID: 1545217

10. The beautiful, dreamy, cute-faced Paul Rudd. Oh, Paul.

ID: 1544469

12. ZOMG Clueless reunions!

ID: 1544527

13. Makeovers

ID: 1544539

14. Giving people advice directly from Clueless.

ID: 1544548

15. Recognizing and calling out full-on Monet situations.

ID: 1544628

16. Having THE perfect Clueless quote for just about any situation.

ID: 1544598

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