21 Photos That Prove Prom Season Is Actually The Worst

Looking good never felt so bad.

1. You could fall into a stream while trying to take a group photo.

ID: 2739692

2. No seriously, you will.

Anne McCormack / Via
ID: 2739720

3. You could be forced to pose with the Virgin Mary.

ID: 2740394

4. Or someone could sit on your back.

ID: 2739866

5. You could be forced to pose with giant boots against your will.

ID: 2740126

6. Or with Barney.

ID: 2740043

7. You might feel as if you’re in a galaxy far, far away.

ID: 2740061

8. You might have to see this.

ID: 2740076

9. And this.

ID: 2740107

10. And these.

ID: 2740144

11. This dress exists.

ID: 2739926

12. And so do Edward Cullen cut-out prom dates.

ID: 2740178

13. This couple could be at your prom.

ID: 2740141

14. And so could this one.

ID: 2740579

15. You might get unwanted denim rash.

ID: 2740236

16. And your date might bring a scooter.

ID: 2740341

17. Your friend might force you to pose with her farm animals.

ID: 2740379

18. Or you might be forced to pose with a cow.

ID: 2740509

19. You might have to share your date.

ID: 2740514

20. And someone might try to take a picture of you on the way to prom.

ID: 2740539

21. And worst case scenario, you might have to share the dance floor with an Xbox.

ID: 2740186

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