Was Drake’s Skit With Skylar Diggins At The ESPYS Actually Creepy?

“Why is he not considered to be stalking her?”

1. Drake’s a big fan of WNBA star Skylar Diggins. Back in May, he posted this photo of Diggins on his Instagram:

2. In June, he showed off his Diggins gear:

3. And he shared this video of his friends professing their love for Diggins too.

4. In response, the basketball player’s boyfriend posted this photo of himself and Diggins, tagging @champagnepapi.

5. All that back and forth came to a head on July 16 at the ESPYS.

ESPN / Via

6. The rapper recited a poem for the WNBA star titled, “Can I Dig In?”

ESPN / Via

7. And was “surprised” when she met him on stage.

ESPN / Via

8. Diggins asked him, “What’s it gonna take to end this craziness right now?”

ESPN / Via

9. Drake replied, “One kiss and it’s over.”


10. So she obliged and gave Drake the kiss he’s been wanting.


11. And sparks *literally* flew in the air.


18. Despite some backlash, however, the pair seemed to be all good backstage.

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

19. You can watch the full video of Drake and Skylar’s skit here:

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