This Is What The Internet Thinks Rihanna Looks Like Watching The ESPYS

So Chris Brown and Drake cool now?

1. On July 16, Drake hosted the 2014 ESPYS.


2. And surprised fans by publicly appearing with onetime rival, Chris Brown.

ESPN / Via

3. Chris Brown showed up in a skit with Drizzy and Blake Griffin, playing a doctor in charge of Drake’s surgery.

ESPN / Via

5. The two artists were also recently photographed together in the studio, appearing on Instagram.

6. Meanwhile, the internet imagined Rihanna watching at home like:

Rihanna watching the #ESPYS like...

— Zoe (@YourFavoriteZoe)

Rihanna watchin Drake nd Chris Brown on the ESPYs like

— Uneeka Brown (@QueenUneeka)

Rihanna watching Drake & Chris Brown on the ESPYS like #ESPYS2014


Rihanna Watched That Chris Brown and Drake skit like

— J.D.S (@PettyRiley)

Drake and breezy's combo got rihanna like #ESPYS2014#ESPYS #drake#ChrisBrown

— SMALLZ• (@ovosmallz)

Rihanna somewhere like : watching the espys

— DeeDee (@KS_Nicole)

Rihanna watching the Espys like

— Gotti (@ComptonAssB)

14. SMH.

Victor Decolongon / Via Getty Images

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