This Is What The Internet Thinks Rihanna Looks Like Watching The ESPYS

So Chris Brown and Drake cool now?

1. On July 16, Drake hosted the 2014 ESPYS.

ID: 3411041

2. And surprised fans by publicly appearing with onetime rival, Chris Brown.

ESPN / Via
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3. Chris Brown showed up in a skit with Drizzy and Blake Griffin, playing a doctor in charge of Drake’s surgery.

ESPN / Via
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ESPN / Via
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5. The two artists were also recently photographed together in the studio, appearing on Instagram.

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6. Meanwhile, the internet imagined Rihanna watching at home like:

ID: 3411048

Rihanna watching the #ESPYS like...

— Zoe (@YourFavoriteZoe)
ID: 3410997

Rihanna watchin Drake nd Chris Brown on the ESPYs like

— Uneeka Brown (@QueenUneeka)
ID: 3411119

Rihanna watching Drake & Chris Brown on the ESPYS like #ESPYS2014

ID: 3411115

Rihanna Watched That Chris Brown and Drake skit like

— J.D.S (@PettyRiley)
ID: 3410998

Drake and breezy's combo got rihanna like #ESPYS2014#ESPYS #drake#ChrisBrown

— SMALLZ• (@ovosmallz)
ID: 3411000

Rihanna somewhere like : watching the espys

— DeeDee (@KS_Nicole)
ID: 3411010

Rihanna watching the Espys like

— Gotti (@ComptonAssB)
ID: 3411121

14. SMH.

Victor Decolongon / Via Getty Images
ID: 3411047

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