21 Reasons Colleen Donaghy Was The Absolute Best Character On "30 Rock"


1. We first met Colleen Donaghy, played by the late Elaine Stritch, in Season 1 of 30 Rock.

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2. She was a strong mother to Jack and always gave him tough love.

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3. Because that’s what families and mothers are for.

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4. From her very first appearance, we fell in love with her snarky attitude.

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5. And honest approach to life.

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6. Her creative nicknames for Jack were endless.

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7. While Colleen was pretty traditional, she was ultimately looking out for everyone’s best interests.

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8. She didn’t have the time or patience for anyone’s nonsense.

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9. But she did have a tendency to bring out the best in everyone she comes across.

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10. You couldn’t pull a fast one on Colleen — there wasn’t a mystery she couldn’t solve.

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11. Even though the holidays weren’t free from her brazen temper…

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12. She still managed to light up the room with her charisma and wit.

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13. She was protective of her relationship with Jack and loved their quality bonding sessions.

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14. But also enjoyed girl talk with Liz whenever she flew into New York for a visit.

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15. She was never afraid to say what was on her mind.

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16. Or hide who she was and where she came from.

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17. Despite her tough exterior, she had a way of touching the other characters in the show.

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18. Colleen Donaghy was truly a one-of-a-kind woman.

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19. And was a vigorous force until the very end.

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20. Most importantly, Colleen assured Jack that she’ll *always* be with him, no matter what.

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21. And in the end, all she really wanted was for him to be happy.

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