25 Reasons Why Lawry’s Is The Most Epic Restaurant Ever

One prime rib to rule them all.

1. Walking into a Lawry’s is like entering a stately meat castle.

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2. Regal lions are there to remind you that prime rib is serious business.

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3. This Lawry’s sign is almost bigger than the actual restaurant.

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4. Lawry’s was the very first restaurant to offer valet service.

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5. Even going to the bathroom may require coming down a dramatic staircase.

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6. The menu is so gangster that it tells you on the cover what you’re going to order.

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7. Lawry’s prime rib and creamed corn was the favorite meal of Elizabeth Taylor.

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8. Lawry’s was the first (and best!) restaurant to serve green salad before the main course.

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9. Your dressing is NEVER tossed; it gets spun in.

Like a fine tapestry of delicious.

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10. The salad will make you fall deeply in love with beets.

And might also introduce you to beets, depending on who you are.

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11. Every salad comes with a freshly chilled fork, because lettuce deserves respect.

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12. The gentleman who comes to carve your prime rib has literally earned a gold medal in carving prime rib.

He trained for six months to get his Royal Order or Carvers medal. Also, he is dressed like an angel.

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13. Even the smallest cut demands considerable dinner plate real estate.

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14. The largest size cut, the Beef Bowl, does not even bother with trying to contain itself to you plate.

Prime rib is an outside-the-box thinker.

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15. The Beef Bowl was a cut created specifically for feeding the college football players playing in the Rose Bowl.

It’s a Dick Butkis-sized cut of meat.

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16. One prime rib serving cart costs the same as a new Cadillac.

About $30,000.

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17. The other foods in the prime rib’s entourage can hold their own.

ID: 1615466

18. The clouds of mashed potatoes are lined in bronze.

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19. The creamed corn that makes other creamed corn feel embarrassed for itself.

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20. The creamed spinach that will trick you into eating creamed spinach.

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21. And the Yorkshire pudding, a crispy bread whose sole purpose is to make sure that none of the meat juices on your plate are wasted.

Even the bread is a team player.

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22. Lawry’s decided to start selling its seasoned salt because people kept stealing it off the tables.

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23. For dessert, Lawry’s will make you forget what your life was like before you tasted their chocolate bag.

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24. Lawry’s is the perfect place to go with your family, because it is impossible to hate anyone there.

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25. It is the closest to magnificence a normal human can get without having to fight a dragon.

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Thank you Lawry’s, for the facts behind the epic legend.

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