Friday Night In Your Twenties Vs. Friday Night In Your Thirties

Your expensive bedsheets are getting TURNT down.

1. In your twenties: When it’s Friday night, and you have no plans.

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2. In your thirties:

3. In your twenties: When one of your newly single friends wants to have a ladies night/guys night.

4. In your thirties:

5. In your twenties: When you have to go to someone’s birthday party.

6. In your thirties:

7. In your twenties: The minimum requirement for date night.

8. In your thirties:

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9. In your twenties: Getting ready to go out with your friends.

10. In your thirties:

11. In your twenties: When someone shows up to your party with lots and lots of cheap booze.

12. In your thirties:

13. In your twenties: When someone calls you at 10:30 or 11 and begs you to come out.


14. In your thirties:

15. In your twenties: When someone wants to wait in a long line at a club or bar.

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16. In your thirties:

17. In your twenties: When someone wants to take shots.

18. In your thirties:

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19. In your twenties: When you want to leave, but your friends don’t want to go home.

20. In your thirties:

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21. In your twenties: You at 2 a.m.

22. In your thirties:

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