The Christmas Season Is Finally Here!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, time to blast that Mariah Carey holiday CD.

1. U GUISE - it’s Nov 23rd.

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2. The day after Thanksgiving.

You probably still have food coma.

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6. That means no one can hate on you when you blast Christmas music.

Even it features a cameo by Nick Cannon.

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7. Or sneer when you devote your time to making incredibly ornate paper snowflakes.

Star Wars snowflake patterns available here.

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8. You can finally wear your favorite Christmas sweater with pride.

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9. And drink hot chocolate till you get sick.

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10. Now no one can yell at you for wasting popcorn.

Or candy, or cranberries, or gingerbread men…

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11. Or trying to cover everything with tinsel.

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12. It’s FINALLY okay to deck the halls.

Fun fact: underneath all that somewhere, is house that you can live in!

ID: 703737

13. And quote all the holiday movies!

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14. You can now enjoy these guys without shame.

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15. Even your grinchiest friend can’t complain about the Christmas cookie frosting party you’re throwing.

Cause they get to eat cookies.

ID: 703838

16. You can even hype on those dumb bath sets you’ll get - because that’s 3 less gifts to buy next year.

ID: 706743

17. So start your countdown clock Christmas lovers of the world!

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18. And to all those grinches out there trying to bring down your Christmas cheer:

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