Disney Redefines Princess

Well, sort of.

2. The idea that strength, compassion, and bravery are a far better metric of your goodness than beauty, is wonderful message to consider synonymous with the word princess.


ID: 623219

3. Too bad these are the products that Disney’s still pushing to little girls:


ID: 623328

4. Disney Princess Cosmetic Set - In A Pink Backpack

ID: 623295

5. Disney Princess: 23 Piece Play Make-Up Set

ID: 623268

6. Disney Princess Lip Gloss Wand, 6 Pack

ID: 623292

7. Disney Princess Tiara Play Make Up Set

ID: 623299

8. Disney Princess Make Up Kit

ID: 623302

9. Disney Princess And Me Vanity Set

ID: 623229

10. Disney Princess Make Up Center And Secret Heart Compact

ID: 623307

11. Disney Princess Enchanted Cinderella Vanity

ID: 623317


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