21 Incredibly Close Calls


1. This possible head injury turned accidental win.

ID: 817089

2. This sneak attack.

ID: 878361

3. This well-placed wipeout.

ID: 879269

4. This man who is thankfully a centimeter too short.

ID: 879314

5. This surprisingly svelte snowmobile.

ID: 879325

6. This lucky bastard who somehow always lands on his feet.

ID: 879340

7. This pedestrian who just barely remembered to look both ways.

ID: 879348

8. That one time with that meandering firefighter.

ID: 879363

9. This “damn, nature, you scary” moment.

ID: 879534

10. This slow-motion car crash saved by one super human.

ID: 879557

11. This narrowly avoided 20-story fall.

ID: 879574

12. This truck driver who narrowly avoided becoming Captain America’s best friend.

ID: 879592

13. This pilot who literally just perfected his nosedive.

ID: 879597

14. The cop who now has no urge to get a second slice of cake ever.

ID: 879601

15. This photographer who doesn’t love his job so much anymore.

ID: 879602

16. That time everyone wanted to play leapfrog in cars.

ID: 879676

17. This time a giant metal monster was waiting for this surprised snowboarder.

ID: 882921

18. These people who almost starred in a documentary about Jaws.

ID: 879610

19. This one time a truck stalled in the absolute worst place.

ID: 879720

20. This dad who thankfully has the best hand-eye coordination.

ID: 879698

21. That one time Grandma was forced to give a fuck.

But just barely.

ID: 879587

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