This Is What British-Themed Parties Look Like Around The World

Cor blimey.

1. In case you weren’t already aware, people from around the world hold British-themed parties.

2. And they’re hilariously awesome.

(This one’s in Italy.)

3. Like this one in Brazil.

4. Or this one in the Middle East.

5. The main thing that seems to be at every British-themed party is British flags.

Like this one in Spain.

And this one in Romania.

7. Lots and lots and lots of flags.



10. Here is a British flag cake from an 18th birthday in Dominican Republic.

11. The No.2 most popular thing at British parties is tea cups.

12. Here are some tea cups at a British-themed baby shower in Japan.

13. Tea and crumpet anybody?

14. While Marmite naturally makes an appearance.

15. Alcohol, of course also features heavily.


16. Football memorabilia is also a thing.

17. Especially mixed with a hint of David Bowie.

18. As is Doctor Who, like at this party in America.

19. The Queen even makes an appearance at this Spanish event.

20. Now that you have a basic knowledge of what British-themed parties look like, here are some more samples of parties from around the world.

21. Ukraine.

22. America.

24. Moscow.

25. Peru.

26. France.

27. Australia.

28. Brazil.

29. Spain.

30. Barcelona.

31. Madrid.

32. Caribbean.

33. Belarus.

34. And finally this is a British party in Russia.

No, we’re not sure about all the purple either.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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