21 Reasons You’re Excited For Ellen Degeneres To Host The 2014 Oscars

Ellen is set to take the stage next year. Everybody breathe.

1. 1. She’s the nicest person in the world, and will show kindness to all the nominees.

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2. 2. She gets along with everybody in Hollywood town…

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3. …and earns their respect.

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4. 3. Ellen isn’t afraid to make fun of celebrities,

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5. or poke fun at herself.

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6. 4. She has all kinds of swag on the dance floor.


And will surely bring her moves to the show.

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7. Maybe she’ll even bring Streep on stage.

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8. 5. Ellen isn’t hesitant to say what she believes in.

Expect some kickass words of wisdom on Oscar night.

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9. 6. She has the best sense of humor.

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12. 7. Ellen knows how to give a good speech.

The winners who plan on thanking their dogs can take a note from E instead.

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13. 8. A-listers don’t intimidate her—she laughs at you no matter who you are.

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14. 9. She can give good advice during commercial breaks.

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15. 10. Ellen already hosted in 2007, so she knows how to play the Oscar game.

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16. 11. At the 2007 Oscars, she made Steven Spielberg take a picture of her with Clint Eastwood.

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17. The result:

If she can do that, girl can do anything.

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18. 12. Her self-confidence is hilarious, and will lighten the anxious-filled room.

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19. 13. She will arrange dance dares all over The Dolby Theatre.

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She might even challenge Nicholson or Hanks to do one.

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21. 14. Ellen enjoys scaring people, and is mighty good at it.

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24. 15. She’s friends with the coolest MCs across the pond, and can totally book them for the Oscars.

This needs to happen.

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25. 16. This was taken Oscar night 2007. So, it’s safe to say Ellen enjoys her job and will not fail to make people laugh.


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26. 17. She can hook-up celebrities and make the next Hollywood power couple.

Ellen knows best.

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27. 18. She will probably have a magnificent song lined up for the show.

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28. 19. And she might even organize lap dances for ALL the A-listers!

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29. 20. Ellen will probably end the telecast with a positive message.

Via Tumblr
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30. 21. Because Ellen is the greatest human being in the world.

Via Tumblr

(Getting cozy with Gosling)

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31. Oscar countdown begins…. NOW!

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