Here Is The Weirdest Thing Bill Paxton Has Ever Done

It involves dancing with a bunch of decapitated fish.

1. This is Bill Paxton:

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

2. You know him as the Mormon polygamist husband in Big Love:


3. And he’s the present day guy searching for the necklace in Titanic:

Paramount Pictures

This is a GREAT sweater, can we all agree?

4. And the tornado chaser/Helen Hunt romancer in Twister.

Warner Bros.

5. Wait, who is this tall lanky fellow in sunglasses in a 1979 music video?


7. One of Bill’s first roles ever was in a 1979 music video for a weird art group called Barnes & Barnes called “Fish Heads”.


8. He didn’t just act in it, he directed the video. Here is Bill hosting a birthday party for his fish heads.

9. Who is this man who plays the bum?

10. It’s Dr. Demento!!

Dr. Demento hosted a radio show of “weird music” on Sunday nights for 40 years, syndicated around the country. He discovered Weird Al Yankovic.

11. Here is Bill ordering a fish head at the fish mongers and then everyone freaks out because they love fish heads:

12. The video was played on Saturday Night Live in 1980.


13. “Fish Heads” became a cult hit, and was one of the biggest hits on Dr. Demento’s popular radio show. These gifs don’t do its weirdness justice, you really have to hear the song:

14. Take us to the chorus, Bill!

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