23 Senior Citizens Who Don’t Give A F*@k

Because being old means having nothing left to prove.

1. The Punk Rock Golden Girls

Chain mail chic? Check.

ID: 1530006

2. Ms. Mega Boxer

“Yeah, I drive a Hoveround. Doesn’t mean I won’t knock the crap out of you.”

ID: 1529990

3. Mr. Been There Done That

This is either the coolest landlord ever or the worst. Either way, rent’s due, buddy.

ID: 1529999

4. The Brittle Bones Brigade

They were carving up pools and park benches before you were even born.

ID: 1530008

5. Mr. and Mrs. Canvas

People are always like, “Don’t get a tattoo! Imagine what they will look like when you get older!” Awesome is what they’ll look like, punk.

ID: 1530000

6. Ms. Annie Get Your Gun

“Edith! You still at that boxing game? Check this out! I’m slaying these zombies bitches!”

ID: 1530028

7. Miss Puff Puff Pass

That cigar was twice as long 20 minutes ago.

ID: 1530015

8. The Fashionistas

“Oh, you started a clothing line? How cute. Is it for babies?”

ID: 1530017

9. The Senior Sensei

“They said I could be anything, so I became a Octogenarian Ninja Turtle.”

ID: 1530048

10. The Lose Yourself Choir

“I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There’s no in between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it.” — Eminem

ID: 1530022

11. Señora Who Gives A Shit?

I think this lady coined the phrase “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.”

ID: 1530030

12. Ms. Might As Well

Grandma got implants, and they were glorious.

ID: 1530071

13. M.C. Grandma

She didn’t choose the thug life, she created it.

ID: 1530074

14. Mr. How The Hell Do You Do That?

Don’t try this at home, you aren’t old enough yet.

ID: 1530058

15. Ms. Thang

Yes you are, ma’am. Yes you are.

ID: 1530076

16. Mrs. Moped

“Oh, the bike? That’s for haulin’ ass and smokin’ grass.”

ID: 1530081

17. Mrs. Honesty

She’s smiling because she hates you, but in the sweetest way possible.

ID: 1530091

18. Great Aunt Smokey

Marijuana; Bringing Generations Together Since… Wait, Are There Still Cookies?

ID: 1530096

19. Grandpa Kickflip

Tony Hawk got oooooold.

ID: 1530108

20. Miss Thrasher

“Double heelflip to darkslide? Pussy.”

ID: 1530112

21. Madam Protest

“Fuck you, civil unrest.”

ID: 1532441

22. The Workhorse

“I don’t really see a need to retire as long as I am having fun.” — Stan Lee

ID: 1530110

23. … And these ladies who twerk it out.

Take that, Miley!

ID: 1534399

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