29 Reasons “Kim Possible” Was The Best Disney Channel Show Of The ’00s

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1. To start off, Kim was voiced by Christy Carlson Romano and Ron was Will “Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World” Friedle. AKA the best cast ever.

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2. Also, Kim and Ron’s friendship destroyed the concept of the friend zone.

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*Well, until they got together, anyway. But Ron still remained Kim’s best friend even when she dated other people.

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3. It was a show where the female characters totally defied gender norms.

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4. But it was also totally OK to be girly (i.e. Kim being a cheerleader) and it showed that you could be traditionally feminine and strong at the same time.

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5. It was a show that preached self-acceptance.

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6. And to always show your true colors.

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7. And, like any great Disney show, told you to feel beautiful.

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8. All the normally sad or dull parts of high school were actually pretty awesome.


Like people cheering for Kim and Ron instead of making fun of them.

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9. But, despite being extraordinary, Kim also asked the questions every normal teenager has.

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10. Wade was the prime example that sitting in front of your computer all day is actually the most powerful position to be in.

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11. The characters were all actually pretty diverse too.



BTW, Monique was voiced by Raven-Symoné!!

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12. The writing was incredibly smart. ON POINT, DISNEY.

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13. It taught the children of the ’00s to be the snarkiest kids of their generation.

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14. All the best characters were super sharp and sarcastic.

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15. And they weren’t afraid to get existential.

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16. It was also self-aware and even referenced pop culture outside its own world.

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17. Christina Milian of “Dip It Low” fame recorded the show’s theme song, which has remained a classic to this day.

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18. Which was the source of some serious ringtone inspiration.

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19. It gave you an easy and ***flawless Halloween costume to wear every year.

Disney / Via lysoenk.tumblr.com

Photo by Lisa WTV.

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20. And other, more vibrant options, just in case you want to go for the gold (or, in this case, green.)

Photo by Mie-Rose on Deviantart.

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21. The animation/fight sequences looked SO GOOD.

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22. And Disney continued to instill unrealistic hair expectations into hopeful children everywhere.

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23. And unrealistic pet expectations. Good try though, Rufus.

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24. And then there was the Naco.

Taco + nachos, which should totally exist WHY DOESN’T IT EXIST?

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25. Kim was from the coolest family ever. Her parents were LITERALLY a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon.

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26. The show’s cast of characters helped awaken your sexual preferences.

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27. No matter how strange or off-beat.

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Also WOW DISNEY for the double-entendre in that name omg.

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28. No matter what, Kim Possible just totally GOT you.

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29. And it had catchphrases you’d be quoting for quite some time.

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