19 Indications You Love Animals More Than People

Why have friends when you can have dogs?

1. Your most memorable party moments all involve sitting in a corner and petting the host’s cat.

Art by Gemma Correll.

ID: 1899349

2. You refuse to date someone if your dog ever growled at them or snubbed them in any way.

Disney/101 Dalmatians / Via
ID: 1899388

3. You can watch intense war dramas without shedding a tear, but if the commercial break involves Sarah McLachlan, you are done for.

ID: 1899400

4. As a child, you much preferred stuffed animals to human dolls.

ID: 1901351

5. You consider the ability to have pets in the office a legitimate job perk.

NBC/The Office / Via
ID: 1901371

6. When you have to choose between going out with your friends or lying in bed with your pet, the choice is obvious.

ID: 1901402

7. You side-eye toddlers who won’t stop bothering an animal (and, more importantly, their parents who think it’s cute).

TLC/Toddlers and Tiaras / Via

It’s a living thing. It feels things. Control your child!

ID: 1901420

8. The day in seventh grade where you had to dissect frogs was one of the worst days of your life.

Buena Vista Pictures/10 Things I Hate About You / Via

And was the moment you decided you hated all your classmates for being so nonchalant about it.

ID: 1901438

9. Your favorite Disney movies were the ones that starred animals, not princesses.

Disney/The Lion King

Disney/Lady and the Tramp

ID: 1901456

10. Zoos make you absolutely miserable and you daydream about jumping in and freeing the animals.

Nickelodeon/Hey Arnold!

ID: 1901498

11. Growing up, you always felt irrationally envious of cartoon characters with anthropomorphic animal best friends.

Cartoon Network/Adventure Time / Via

And you still totally are.

ID: 1901602

12. Instead of exchanging watercooler stories, you spend your downtime at work finding ways to get animals to make an appearance.

Uber / Via

$20 for 15 minutes of kitten time. WORTH IT.

ID: 1901647

13. Your versions of reality TV shows are live cams of grizzly bears and corgi puppies.

BEAR CAM! CORGI CAM! What other escape do you need?

ID: 1901661

14. And, every year, you completely alienate yourself from everyone you know by watching the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl.

Macey J Foronda / Via
ID: 1901694

15. You’ve turned down prospective roommates solely because they weren’t into getting a pet in the near future.

ID: 1901736

16. While your friends talk about hypothetical future children, you’re thinking about hypothetical future dogs.

AB Baby Productions/Whose Dog Is It Anyway? / Via
ID: 1901834

17. You tend to interrupt deep conversations because you just passed by a really cute dog on the street.

Photo from Charley Lhasa.

ID: 1901880

18. You hate to admit it, but you identify with the characters in Best in Show.

Warner Bros./Best In Show / Via
ID: 1901924

19. You’ve never understood why “cat lady” is a bad thing; to you, having a lifelong pet soulmate always sounded better than marriage because animals are perfect.

Columbia Records/”Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey / Via
ID: 1901976

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