The 23 Worst Photoshop Fails Of 2013

Seems legit. (Thanks to Photoshop Disasters for many of these!)

23. Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” cover.

Look more closely at her torso: That cleavage was definitely airbrushed around in circles.

ID: 2127343

22. This Christian Mingle banner ad.

ID: 2118196

21. This BlackMilk model with uniquely chiseled thighs.

ID: 2118732

20. This creepy ad AHHHHH.

ID: 2120464

19. This case of the contorted shoulder from Victoria’s Secret.

ID: 2127458

18. The scary selfie lady in this ad for Westfield Malls in Australia.

ID: 2120849

17. This cringe-y pair of shorts on New Zealand’s Creme magazine.

ID: 2127695

16. This person with, er, mismatched feet in a German hardware ad.

ID: 2127744

15. This Huggies baby who’s grown a flesh tentacle.

ID: 2127825

14. This horrendous cut-and-paste Photoshop of The Voice crew.

Don’t see it? Adam Levine seems to have brought the red carpet with him from another photo…

ID: 2127848

13. This August Vogue amputation of Claire Danes’ right leg.

ID: 2127874

12. This ghost table found on the Wal-Mart e-comm site.

ID: 2127953

11. This demon fan you can buy on Amazon.

ID: 2128007

10. This pair of Gap shorts that comes with a…knee growth?

ID: 2128060

9. The movie poster for The Heat, which seems to have been done on MS Paint.

ID: 2128142

8. This inflatable party furniture that was definitely not photoshopped onto a stock photo of a backyard.

ID: 2128299

7. This H&M model who has a serious case of Angelina Jolie leg.

ID: 2128748

6. This butchering of Miranda Kerr’s neck on the cover of Marie Claire Australia.

ID: 2128574

5. This J.Crew featuring a child with AN INVISIBLE ARM.

ID: 2128214

4. This South Korea newswire image of President Park Geun-hye “shaking hands” with President Obama “at the White House.”

Yes, this ran on an actual news site.

ID: 2128660

3. Kerry Washington’s unrecognizable Lucky cover.

Kerry is a flawless human being and one of the most gorgeous women on Earth. This cover does NOT represent that.

ID: 2127409

2. This ESPN photo at Sochi Olympic Park that *totally* happened.

ID: 2128702

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