The 23 Most Adorable Puppies Of 2013


23. These golden retriever puppies enjoying their first fall.

ID: 2082066

22. Lentil, the teensy French bulldog born with a cleft palate.

ID: 2104291

21. All of these puppies learning to howl for the first time.

ID: 2082613

20. T-Rex, the two-legged chiweenie who will melt your heart.

ID: 2076045

19. This box of corgi puppies:

ID: 2082712

18. This napping puppy “melting” under his own adorable chub rolls.

ID: 2104454

17. This keeshond puppy battling a fierce dandelion.

ID: 2104242
ID: 2104243

16. The scottie puppy pinwheel.

ID: 2104285

15. This shiba inu puppy who’s basically an owl.

ID: 2104584

14. This golden retriever puppy who has the cutest case of hiccups in the history of the world.

ID: 2104298
ID: 2104299

13. This corgi puppy seeing a mirror for the first time.

ID: 2104309

12. These cuddly shar-pei puppies who are SO SQUISHABLE.

They went viral with the caption, “I, a big wrinkle, made all of these smaller wrinkles.”

ID: 2104579

11. This golden retriever puppy GETTING A BATH IN A SINK.

ID: 2104656

10. Olive the French bulldog puppy trying adorably to climb stairs.

ID: 2104315

9. This amazing pug puppy, who was a gift from a boyfriend to his girlfriend after her beloved beagle had to be put down.

ID: 2104262
ID: 2104263

8. Mick, the disabled puppy who learned to walk for the first time.


ID: 2104323

7. Rescue puppy Theo, who was baby Beau’s favorite nap buddy this year.



ID: 2104561

6. Duncan Lou Who, the inspiring boxer puppy born with only two legs!

ID: 2104341

5. Sunny Obama, the new White House puppy and Bo Obama’s new sister who arrived in August.

ID: 2104395

So excited to introduce the newest member of the Obama family—our puppy, Sunny! —mo




So excited to introduce the newest member of the Obama family—our puppy, Sunny! —mo

/ Via
ID: 2104399

4. The chow puppy who got stuck in a bowl.

ID: 2082291
ID: 2082295

3. Xena the Warrior Puppy, who was rescued from abuse and is now changing the life of an 8-year-old boy with autism.

Read their touching story here.

ID: 2104445

2. This puppy learning (and failing at) how to catch.

ID: 2104457

Basically, all of us IRL:

ID: 2104460

1. These Frenchie puppies who took a nap with a baby and pretty much broke the internet.



ID: 2104359

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