Meet T-Rex, The Two-Legged Chiweenie Who Will Steal Your Heart

Half the legs, twice the cute. There’s just no getting around it.

1. This is T-Rex.

ID: 1711351

2. He’s a chiweenie that was born with only two paws.

ID: 1711606

3. His siblings were born normally, but T-Rex knew that his differences only made him cuter.

(Find the T-Rex!)

ID: 1711616

4. Even though he was born special, he doesn’t let that get in the way of being an adorable, rambunctious puppy.

In fact, here’s another story about some two-legged dogs that are living happy and healthy lives despite their handicap. Check it out on ABC News.

ID: 1711602

5. Here he is playing with his mom. SO CUTE.

ID: 1711631

6. Here he is chowing down on some noms. ALSO SUPER CUTE.

ID: 1711635

7. Here he is chillin’ on the bed, looking for some snuggles.

ID: 1711640

8. And here he’s just a little too snuggled up for his liking.

ID: 1711642

9. T-Rex has a BFF named Matilda. She’s cool.

ID: 1711645

10. Sometimes she tries to imitate T-Rex and he has to firmly tell her that no, she’s just not as special as him.

ID: 1711649

11. Because only HE is the master of the two-legged hop… and of the snuggles he very much deserves after a hard day’s work.

ID: 1711657

12. It’s really tough being THIS cute ALL THE TIME.

ID: 1711666

13. You think this level of adorableness just happens on its own? Think again.

ID: 1711671

14. This nonchalant pose, complete with gigantic irresistible ears, has been practiced for HOURS in order to get to this point.

ID: 1711681

15. So kindly step back and recognize the greatness before you that is T-Rex.

ID: 1711685

16. You have to admit that he’s pretty darn great.

ID: 1711692

17. There’s just no denying that face anything.

ID: 1711698

18. ESPECIALLY when he looks at you like this.

ID: 1711700

19. And so we salute T-Rex for being so goshdarn adorable, and so tough and strong!

ID: 1711702

20. Bye!

ID: 1711725

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