This Puppy And Baby Are The Most Adorable Nap Time Pals

Warning: Not safe for quiet spaces where loud “squeals” and “awws” are frowned upon. On her blog and instagram, Jessica Shyba documents the budding friendship between her son and their family’s new puppy, Theo. The result is awww-inspiring.

1. It all started when Beau (the baby human) was rocked to sleep for nap time and Theo fell asleep too!

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2. Now, as her blog attests, Theo waits for Beau every day for their nap time ritual.

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3. The result is…well, just as adorable as you’d imagine.

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5. Excuse me, I need a second to catch my breath. This is almost too much.

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6. These two are what hearts are made to melt over.

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7. According to their mama, “I can only describe [this] as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed”

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8. Sometimes the rest of the family gets involved too.

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11. Their mama also says she makes sure to “avoid any possibly opportunity to thwart the sacred puppy and boy nap.”

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13. Let the record show, this is the most adorable way to nap.

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14. A little nap time face foot is acceptable for these two besties.

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15. After all, the friends who nap together, stay together.

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H/T Daily Mail

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Her blog also encourages people to donate to Santa Cruz SPCA where they adopted Theo!

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