Determined Chow Puppy Escapes From A Bowl, Is An Inspiration To Us All

You give us hope for the future, chow puppy.

1. Meet the chow puppy who is stuck in a bowl.

ID: 1079209

2. He really just wants out of the bowl, but the more he struggles, the more he keeps rolling around in the bowl.

ID: 1079213

3. And for a second, it looks like he’s giving up…

ID: 1079208

4. But HE DOESN’T GIVE UP, he keep struggling… because he BELIEVES….

ID: 1079207

5. Look at his inspiring determination. He was never really going to give up. He just needed a little momentum.

ID: 1079206

6. And finally, he breaks entirely free, proving that no obstacle is too big if you try hard and believe in yourself.

ID: 1079205

7. Watch his entire struggle and triumph here:

ID: 1079248

via The Pet Collective

ID: 1079252

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