Why Elevators Are Actually The Worst

For all you Ele-H8ter’s out there.

1. Ah, morning again. You’re frustrated and 17 minutes late for work and impatiently waiting to get upstairs.

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2. You almost made it on your first try but you just missed the cut.

Fox / Via youtube.com

Those already inside weren’t feeling too charitable.

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3. So now you have to wait like 100 million minutes for the next one to come.

Gemenacom / Via shutterstock.com

‘Cause obviously you wouldn’t dream of taking the stairs.

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4. Once you finally get on, the place is packed. And hot.

And everyone is sweating. And it is heinous.

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5. It feels like people are literally stopping on every. single. floor.

New Line Cinema / Via mumblingdays.tumblr.com
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6. Reaching your destination could take a lifetime.

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7. It’s early. No one’s in the mood to be social.

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8. Or to be cordial for that matter.

AMC / Via vulture.com
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9. Regardless of whether or not you want to, you’re gonna run into the usual crew of characters.

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10. There’s that girl who’s BUMPING Rihanna as if there’s not an elevator full of people around her.

It’s 8 a.m. Please do stop the music.

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11. And the dude who doesn’t get that this is not the place for an extensive phone call to his golf buddy.

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12. One guy is tryna shmooze with you, but like no.

“So… you come here often?”
This is an elevator. What are you doing.

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13. The standard move is to give people the “glance and look away.”

Two easy steps. Glance like you’re friendly… then look away like it never happened.

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14. If some jester tries to squeeze into this clown car, they’ll get hit with the dirtiest of stares.

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15. God forbid they pull a move like this.

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16. The elevator itself is kind of sketchy too.

Marco Opitz / Via Flickr: mcmumpitz
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17. Scratch that. Really sketchy.

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18. It’s bumping up and down so much you might as well be on the freakin’ Tower of Terror.

NBC / Via nbc.com
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19. So you kind of feel like you’re locked in a death trap until you reach your floor.

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20. Finally, the elevator stops. At last. Time to celebrate.

@tediouslybrief / Via instagram.com

Or so you thought.

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21. But wait! Then the unthinkable happens.

ID: 1348007

22. And then someone does something even more unthinkable.

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23. Overall, it’s been a pretty brutal experience.

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24. Maybe you should just take an alternate route on your way down.

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