21 Things That Just Aren’t OK After Middle School

Now that you’ve graduated from 8th grade, it’s time to change your ways.

1. Velcro shoes.

You’re just a loop swoop and pull away from not looking like an over-sized toddler.

ID: 1301983

2. Screennames like this.

I’m sorry, Mr. Shopaholic22, but we’re going to have to let you go.

ID: 1302968

3. Seasonally colored braces.

Come December, there ain’t nothing wrong with getting in the Christmas spirit!
Except this. This is wrong.

ID: 1303108

4. Rolling backpacks.

Got three words for you: S. M. H.

ID: 1303011

5. Double popped collars.

The single popped collar barely got by in middle school, so what could possibly make you think the double is kosher now?

ID: 1301997

6. Horseplay on the bus.

The bus monitor isn’t always going to be there for you; you gotta start monitoring yourself, man.

ID: 1303021

7. Elastic waistbanded pants.

A total waste of your waist.

ID: 1301991

8. Unhealthy teen idol obsessions.

Little girl with a J-Bieb’s poster? Adorable. Grown man with a J-Bieb’s license plate? Alarming.

ID: 1304275

9. Faking drunk.

Stop. You’re not drunk. You drank strictly Diet Peach Snapple all night.

ID: 1303327

10. Bowl Cuts

It would be preferable that no one ever wears their hair like that ever for the rest of eternity and then for like a week or two after that.

ID: 1303609

11. Dousing yourself in Axe.

You’re not going to the 6th Grade dance. You’re going to a bar with adults. Smell your age.

ID: 1303437

12. Dancing like this.

You’ve left enough room for Jesus.

ID: 1304238

13. Spending hours on Photobooth.

No matter how good you look in Sepia, leave the extensive photo-boothing to 8th grade girls in Algebra class.

ID: 1303608

14. Breaking up via text.

You might not be great, but you’re better than this.

ID: 1303582

15. Listening to Weird Al.

If you attended two or more stops on his 2012 “Amish Paradise Tour,” you should probably reconsider your priorities/life decisions.

ID: 1303056

16. Wearing these…

ID: 1304202

17. Or these…

ID: 1304203

18. Or ESPECIALLY these.

No ifs, ands or but(t)s. Once you’ve decided to call yourself an “adult”, you should probably burn every pair of these you own.

ID: 1303640

19. Crying during sports.

Not a good look, brother.

ID: 1303212

20. Laughing excessively everytime you hear the words “poop,” “pee,” “penis” or “vagina.”

Cause welcome to the real world. You’re gonna hear at least 2-3 of those words every fucking day.

ID: 1304041

21. And most importantly, making spelling errors.

Cause nowadays, a faux-pas like this could land Stephen on the government watch list.

ID: 1303614

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