The “Shameless” Season Finale Shocker No One Saw Coming

A dramatic reveal teases a major shake-up for the Showtime drama.


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A post-credit scene following the Shameless Season 4 finale on Sunday revealed that Steve Wilton aka Jimmy Lishman (played by Justin Chatwin), who was murdered off-screen by Brazilian mobsters at the end of Season 3, is in fact alive and well and back in Chicago!

Now going by Jack, the scene saw Chatwin’s character pull up to the Gallagher house with an unnamed woman (played by Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman), who asks if he’d like to go inside. “No, not tonight,” he says, before driving off as the screen cuts to black.

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Fans were certainly caught off guard by the resurrection, but the cast also took to Twitter to voice their shock, as well.

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Wait what!!!!!!!!

— Steve Howey (@reelstevehowey)
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Ladies and Gentlemen I am completely shocked right now!!!!! I had no idea, best, kept secret!

— Shanola Hampton (@shanolahampton)
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Wow...that was unexpected!

— Noel Fisher (@noel_fisher)
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Eventually, Rossum got the scoop.

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Got the 411 from @Justingchatwin & our producers. They flew him 2 Chicago & put him in another hotel so noone would know! #sneaky #SHAMELESS

— Emmy Rossum (@emmyrossum)
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While Jimmy/Steve’s Season 3 death was initially ambiguous, executive producer John Wells confirmed the fatality at a Television Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences event in June 2013, saying, “He has done great work, but that character was coming to an end.” At the time, Emmy Rossum, whose character Fiona dated Jimmy/Steve, said the departure was “incredibly emotional, like losing a part of your family. I shed a couple of tears in my trailer.”

But it looks like those waterworks were all for naught.

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I guess It's not over till it's over.

— Justin Chatwin (@Justingchatwin)
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Shameless will return to Showtime for Season 5 in 2015.

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