12 Jaw-Droppingly Bizarre Places To Eat In Shanghai

From the backstreet sheep penis restaurant to the cat café, Shanghai is full of oddball eateries.

1. 1. The charming toilet-themed café.

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More Than Toilet originated in Taiwan and opened in Shanghai in 2012. These squat toilet-style bowls are a highlight. Find it here.

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2. The ice cream is extremely popular there.

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3. The walls are adorned with classy golden urinals.

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4. There are good old-fashioned golden western-style toilets too.

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5. You can take a nugget home from the gift section.

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6. 2. Or try the mildly creepy maid café.

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There are many maid-themed cafés in Shanghai – although it’s a Japanese concept. The food is largely terrible. Find it here.

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7. 3. The café where you can have your own teddy bear picnic.

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Another fast-rising eatery trend in the city, teddy cafés let you eat surrounded by furry friends. This one is in Pudong. Find it here.

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8. They’ve even got bears on staff.

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9. And rather scary pictures of them on the walls.

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10. Some of the teddies are depicting religious figures, for some reason.

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11. If you go for one of the private rooms you can observe this Last Supper-style masterpiece.

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12. 4. There’s this coffee shop inspired by Mr Bean.

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Rowan Atkinson’s slapstick-driven character is hugely popular in China. Find it here.

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13. Mr Bean is so big here, fans leave tributes on the coffee shop wall…

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14. …Where there is also a picture of him as the Mona Lisa.

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15. 5. Then there’s the cat café (of course).

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These are cropping up everywhere in Shanghai. This one, on Taikang Lu, gets extra points because the mogs are almost always wearing clothes and because the staff deliver a feline to your table as soon as you sit down. God bless Chinese health and safety standards! Find it here.

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16. Come on mate, at least put a coat on or something.

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17. 6. The primary school-themed café is affordable and fun.

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Hope Primary School serves up food on school lunch-style trays and you order by filling in an exam sheet. Find it here.

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18. 7. How about the Sherlock-themed café?

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Find it here.

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19. You can’t look anywhere without seeing Benedict Cumberbatch’s face.

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China is mad about Sherlock. Click here for more pictures of the café.

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20. 8. A390, the aeroplane-themed restaurant, serves food even better than your average real airline meal.

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Find it here.

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21. 9. If you don’t want a theme place you can pick up a starfish on a stick.

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These are from a vendor on Shouning Road and they taste like rotting seaweed. Find them here.

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22. 10. The bee, grasshopper, and grub platter is always a winner.

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It’s available from the excellent Southern Barbarian restaurant. Find it here.

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23. 11. Or perhaps the live shrimp?

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Served at the Yi Sheng Yue Wei restaurant, they taste sweet and are refreshing, even if they do wriggle a bit going down. Find it here.

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24. 12. Or, if you really insist, have a sheep penis and testicle.

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The Zhenru Yangrou Guan restaurant specialises in such fare. It costs around £7.60 per ball (served cold). The penis, meanwhile, costs around £7.80 and is challengingly rubbery. Find it here. Enjoy!

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