26 Things Rihanna Didn’t Apologize For In 2012

Rihanna released an album called Unapologetic this year, and she also did a lot of things she never apologized for. Like such as…

1. Hanging out with Chris Brown and tweeting a picture of him shirtless on a bed.

ID: 721262

2. Hugging and kissing Chris Brown at the VMAs.

ID: 727835

3. Getting into fights with strangers on Twitter.

ID: 721273

4. Getting her followers to get in fights with strangers on Twitter.

ID: 728173

5. Getting in fights with Joan Rivers on Twitter.

ID: 727900

6. Wearing this.

Rob Kim / Getty Images
ID: 717705

7. Checking out this chick’s rack.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
ID: 717747

8. Having reptile boobs.

ID: 727999

9. Not wearing pants.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
ID: 718639

10. Not really talking to all the journalists she took on her 777 Tour.

ID: 728027

11. Being late to a bunch of her shows on the 777 Tour.

Simone Joyner / Getty Images
ID: 717724

12. Not dressing up more on Halloween.

David Livingston / Getty Images
ID: 718117

13. But then later dressing up as a marijuana bride for Halloween.

ID: 727983

14. Telling Piers Morgan to grow a dick.

ID: 728007

15. Wearing this.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images
ID: 718136

16. The movie “Battleship.”

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 718749

17. Touching Katy Perry.

ID: 721368

18. Dressing like Arizona Iced Green Tea.

ID: 728057

19. Wearing a hat that said “BOY” even though she is actually a girl.

ID: 728066

20. Waking and baking.

ID: 728014

21. Being the one hot woman in the “Men of the Year” issue of GQ.

ID: 718849

22. “Stealing” seapunk for her performance on “SNL.”

ID: 718918

23. Smoking a huge blunt with Snoop and tweeting a picture of it.

ID: 719098

24. Rolling a blunt on a guy’s head and tweeting a picture of it.

ID: 719106

25. Posting long-ass horoscopes and inspirational sayings on Instagram like all the time.

ID: 728177

26. But most of all, wearing this.

Koki Nagahama / Getty Images
ID: 718772

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