17 Reasons We Should All Want To Be Rudy From "Misfits"

The only thing better than one Rudy is three Rudys.

1. His love of food is like no other.

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2. He doesn’t hold anything back.

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3. He has completely legitimate fears.

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4. He’s extremely passionate.

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5. Rudy is wonderfully confident.

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6. He asks insightful questions.

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7. He’s honest with himself.

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8. He goes after what he wants.

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9. He loves a good competition.

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10. He’s in touch with his emotions.

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11. He really understands the people he cares about.

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12. Both Rudys are great dancers.

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13. He (thinks he) understands women.

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14. He’s a true fighter.

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15. Rudy is a fantastic kisser.

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16. His disses are incredibly unique.

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17. And finally, his reactions to everything are perfect.

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