16 Halloween Costumes Only ’90s Kids Will Understand

Get ready for a nostalgia overload. And you aren’t a real ’90s kid if you don’t know what a Furby is. Let’s see if you remember the rest.

1. Daria and Jane from Daria

greyloch / Via Flickr: 7168480@N02

Don’t lie. You know you wanted to be friends with Daria and Jane. It was your dream to watch Sick Sad World with them.

ID: 1761121

2. Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus

FunkBrothers / Via Flickr: funkbrothers

’90s kids got their science lessons from two people: Ms. Frizzle and Bill Nye. They actually made science class fun.

ID: 1761129

3. Teams from Legends of the Hidden Temple

Leah Jones / Via Flickr: lalalaleeuh

Every ’90s kid wanted to be on Legends of the Hidden Temple. (Even if they were terrified of the Temple Guards.)

ID: 1761043

4. Furby

Remember this toy? Every kid on the block begged for it at Christmas.

ID: 1793962

5. Teletubbies

Stevie Rocco / Via Flickr: stevier

It was kind of weird that they had little televisions on their stomachs, but little kids did not care. Bring in the laughing baby sun!

ID: 1761140

6. Freakazoid

Hayley Sargent / Via Flickr: hayleysargent

Most of the jokes in Freakazoid! were a little too mature for ’90s kids to understand. Try watching an episode now. Your childhood will be forever changed.

ID: 1761284

7. The Spice Girls

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. I wanna— I wanna— I wanna see the Spice Girls go on a reunion tour.

ID: 1761261

8. The Dummy from Goosebumps


Whenever your teacher made you do “free reading,” you’d pick up a Goosebumps book and (figuratively) pee yourself. The covers still give you the creeps.

ID: 1761718

9. Cher from Clueless

You want me to not dress as a rich, Beverly Hills school girl? Ugh, as if!

ID: 1761801

10. Quailman from Doug

indiekate2 / Via Flickr: 52963297@N00

It’s just a good excuse to wear your underwear outside of your clothes.

ID: 1793478

11. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

TineyHo / Via Flickr: 22521564@N08

Tutu Ace Ventura? Allllllllrighty then!

ID: 1761860

12. Billy Murray in Space Jam

If you want a wonderful walk down memory lane, visit the original Space Jam website.

ID: 1793184

13. Captain Planet

meaduva / Via Flickr: meaduva

Bad guys know that he’s number one!

ID: 1761938

14. Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold!

GertsnGinge on Etsy / Via etsy.com

It’s like they jumped right out of Nick in the Afternoon with Stick Stickly.

ID: 1793344

15. The Powerpuff Girls

marvelgirl2010 / Via Flickr: 57918907@N05

Note: If you wear this costume, you MUST save the day before bedtime. That’s the rules.

ID: 1762018

16. Carmen Sandiego (with Waldo)

Ashley Baccam


ID: 1762025

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