The 9 Most Annoying Things About Atheists

How do you find an atheist in a comment forum? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know. Also, they’ll probably be wearing one of these shirts.

1. They all think they are like this:

ID: 1209936

And this.

ID: 1210107

2. When they are actually more like this:

ID: 1210099

And this.

ID: 1209939

3. Actually, five minutes in a room with them will make you wish you could go back to just listening to that goat yelling like a man.

ID: 1209946

4. They all think their religion is so much better than everyone else’s.

ID: 1217492

5. On the Internet, they act like they are this guy.

ID: 1210136

When in reality, they’re more like this guy.

ID: 1209948

6. They’re always turning the conversation to religion.

ID: 1209956

7. And they’re constantly showing off about how they’re soooooo much smarter and more rational then everyone else.

ID: 1217063

8. They can’t handle it when their logic is turned back around on them.

ID: 1210021

9. And they refuse to answer even the simplest questions.

ID: 1210023

In conclusion, we should all just move to Australia.

ID: 1210087

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