28 Unbelievably Dumb Questions That Still Need To Be Resolved

Somebody help these people.

1. The reason why Americans are constantly asking to be let out and then immediately let back in again.

ID: 3073369

2. The secret name of one of the most important phobias.

ID: 3073013

3. Why those kangaroos always look so damn dry.

ID: 3073032

4. The horrifying turtle conundrum.

ID: 3073043

5. How to become Part of Their World.

ID: 3073080

6. The sinister false flag that is thunderstorms.

ID: 3073167

7. The greatest paradox in the history of the world.

ID: 3073180

8. The problem with the gay agenda.

ID: 3073235

9. Where vampires come from.

ID: 3073276

10. The easiest way to get to the top of the food chain.

ID: 3073284

11. What India’s number one export is.

ID: 3073288

12. The most troubling question every mother confronts.

ID: 3073297

13. Why the pizza delivery guy doesn’t come around here anymore.

ID: 3073305

14. Why you never got an interview for that nutritionist job you applied for.

ID: 3073343

15. That “melting” issue that no man ever wants to talk about.

ID: 3073348

16. That thing about how you never want to go in the ocean again.

ID: 3073355

17. The “Small Robert” conundrum.

ID: 3079397

18. And the even more complicated “London Robert” conundrum.

ID: 3073463

19. What the worst idea for a business is.

ID: 3073532

20. What the Americans are talking about these days.

ID: 3073563

21. Where all those YouTube videos come from.

ID: 3073607

22. Why there are so many pansexuals hanging around in dressing rooms.

ID: 3073626

23. What’s even normal anymore.

ID: 3073669

24. The reason you always get such a strong reaction when you take your top off.

ID: 3079422

25. Why you and your Indian ex-boyfriend are never ever ever getting back together.

ID: 3073680

26. Which ocean is which.

ID: 3073701

27. The hardest question of all …

ID: 3073800

28. And the saddest question of all:

ID: 3079436

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