22 Times When Vandalism Won

You’re doing God’s work, vandals.

1. When Ross helped us cross the street safely.

ID: 1809407

2. When your English Lit degree became a total joke.

Or rather, more of a joke than it already is.

ID: 1805621

3. When this literal interpretation occurred.

ID: 1809316

4. When this high tech security fortress was foiled.

ID: 1805674

5. When Godzilla showed up.

ID: 1805713

6. When your delicious meal plan was mocked.

ID: 1806017

7. When stubbornness refused to be told what to do.

ID: 1806020

8. When shoplifters proved nothing is sacred.

ID: 1806200

9. When you went home hungry, because the pancake buffet was a sham.

ID: 1805725

10. When wine-os were granted special powers.

ID: 1809304

11. When Tom Hanks took out the garbage.

ID: 1809731

12. When McDonald’s promoted cannibalism.

ID: 1809343

13. When Hula-Hoop crossing became a thing.

ID: 1809361

14. When this woman’s prayers were answered.

ID: 1809399

15. When you were told where to park your farts.

ID: 1809721

16. When you held your iPhone and realized this vandal was correct.

ID: 1809727

17. When Tetris improved this sign’s life.

ID: 1809737

18. When Bill Cosby approved your number two.

ID: 1810112

19. And when this sign told you to slow down, pee.

ID: 1810126

20. When your speed was determined by a variable.

ID: 1810076

21. When you realized it was time to upgrade your footwear.

ID: 1810129

22. When a broken bench became a landmark.

ID: 1809326

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