24 Things Only People With Small Hands Will Understand

Confession: I have little hands. Now will you please help me open this jar?

1. Your hands can actually touch the bottom of a Pringles can.

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2. Playing instruments is impossible.

Especially when you try to play a piano piece and your tiny fingers can’t reach all of the keys.

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3. Your hands look like goddamn children’s hands, and nobody thinks it’s rude to tell you so.

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4. Nail polish totally overwhelms your fingers.

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5. “You know what they say about people with small hands…”

“…they have to listen to people tell them unoriginal jokes?”

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6. Throwing things is often embarrassing for you.

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7. Big rings end up wearing you.

It’s never the other way around.

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8. But when you find a ring that actually fits, it’s like winning the damn lottery.

AND it isn’t a toe ring?!

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9. You wish more objects could be sold in petite sizes.

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10. You can’t type one-handed. Ever.

You’ll always need two hands to reach both the shift key and the question mark. So, to make a question mark, you need two hands. That’s bullshit.

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11. When you flip someone off, it just looks silly.

Like a kid trying to act like an adult. It never works out well.

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12. You were practically born for speed texting.

The keypad is small, like your fingers!

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13. Your little fingers can weave, knit, or sew like a boss.

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14. You struggle to maintain control of large balls.

And forget trying to palm something like a basketball, it ain’t happening.

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15. Your choices for gloves tend to be limited to the kids’ section.

Even though they’re sometimes pretty cute. (I want a bear glove!)

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16. Everybody wants your ninja fingers to help untangle their jewelry.

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17. Trying to get your whole hand around the lid of a jar is a humbling experience.

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18. When you’re shaking someone’s hand, you have to grip twice as hard or else your hand gets crushed.

It’s a handshake, not a hand contest.

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19. The holes in bowling balls are always too far apart for your fingers to get to all of them.

Even balls with places to grip are a struggle.

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20. People look skeptical when you try to carry large things.

But think it’s hilarious when you actually do need their help.

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21. Holding hands with a very tall person tends to be one-sided.

Charles Sykes / REXUSA
ID: 1637233

22. Your gestures are not very effective.

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23. Back rubs are a quick way to get hand cramps.

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24. Edward 40 Hands is your favorite drinking game, because it’s the only way you can hold two big bottles at the same time.

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