30 Things Only Drivers In Los Angeles Will Understand


1. This is how you feel every time you get on the freeway.

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2. You’ve spent countless minutes trying to sort out what the parking signs actually mean.

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3. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for these parking riddles!

ID: 1217615

4. This is your BFF.

Thank you, Sigalert, for always telling me when it’s OK to leave the house.

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5. If you pull up to a meter that still has time on it, it feels like you’ve just won the lottery, but better.

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6. Red-light cameras are terrifying, because no one knows if you have to actually pay the fine.

ID: 1217611

7. And you don’t want a ticket, because when this happens, it’s as if the whole world is plotting against your happiness.

ID: 1217613

8. Seeing this on the highway is not strange.

ID: 1217629

9. Neither is this.

ID: 1217548

10. You’ve gone through all of the stages of grief when it comes to L.A. traffic: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

Though I’m still stuck in the “despair” stage of things.

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11. The California DMV is a black hole from which no one ever really escapes.

I’m pretty sure I died the day I got my driver’s license.

ID: 1217656

12. This is you.

ID: 1217696

13. Switching stations to KPCC when KCRW is on a pledge drive.

Or vice versa.

ID: 1217802

14. You’ve said this before, and genuinely meant it.

ID: 1217831

15. You remember the fear of Carmageddon all too well.

ID: 1217719

16. This is a very important question you’ll never know the answer to.

ID: 1218063

17. Refusing to go to Santa Monica because it’s too far of a drive is a valid excuse.

ID: 1218357

18. The devil’s bargain: Do you take the freeway, or the canyon road (Laurel, Coldwater, Sepulveda)?

ID: 1217778

19. You have a love/hate relationship with valet.

You love that they’re usually everywhere, just like Cher says. But you hate that they needlessly take up parking meters with their annoying orange cones.

ID: 1218270

20. The person who did this parking job is a horrible human being.

ID: 1217838

21. And the person who drives this red car should be arrested.

How you gonna park like that, Ford?!

ID: 1217839

22. When you’re desperate to find parking, you fully believe you can squeeze into any space, even if you clearly can’t.

ID: 1217953

23. That amazing feeling when your side-street shortcut is wide open, and you pass all the suckers on the highway.

ID: 1217999

24. This sign means you have to make an important decision of whether to brave the garage, or just give up on life and go home.

ID: 1218010

25. When someone wastes precious parking inches, you get irrationally angry.

ID: 1217972

26. You’ve seen hell, and it’s the parking structure at Hollywood and Highland.

ID: 1218344

27. But you keep on driving, because you know how good it feels to blast your favorite song in the car.

ID: 1218067

28. Sometimes it even makes you appreciate the music more.

ID: 1218283

29. And someday you might get a parking spot with your name on it, which means it was all worth it.

ID: 1217975

30. Or, ya know, the apocalypse could happen, and then you won’t have to worry about traffic ever again!

Angelenos will inherit the earth!

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