19 Things Fabio Is Actually Thinking On Romance Novel Covers

“LOL. Your boobs smell like pancakes.”

1. “If her hair catches on fire, I’m leaving her to die.”

ID: 2791783

2. “Is there anything more erotic than extreme close-up mouth breathing?”

ID: 2791790


ID: 2791776

4. “How are we able to balance in this position, even? I’m legit concerned.”

ID: 2791755

5. “Just got sand in my man-thong.”

ID: 2791768


ID: 2791882

6. “How long do I have to hold this? Five more seconds? 10? It’s going to be awkward when I drop her.”

ID: 2791772

7. ::: whispers ::: “LOL. Your boobs smell like pancakes.”

ID: 2791796

8. “I should’ve brought a sweater.”

ID: 2791832

9. “I should’ve brought a sweater with buttons.”

ID: 2792007

10. “I should’ve gone for a full french braid instead of this one-strand braid. LC would be so ashamed of me.”

ID: 2791942

11. “Da fuck… She hasn’t even complimented my belt yet.”

Shit’s about to get WET.

ID: 2792001

12. “What’s a VideoNovel anyway? Doesn’t that just mean a movie?”

ID: 2792015

13. “This chick just totally photobombed my selfie.”

ID: 2792196

14. “Are we floating in the middle of the ocean? How?”

ID: 2792197

15. “Maybe this whole, ‘Let’s stand under a waterfall and hold each other’ thing wasn’t SUCH a great idea.”

ID: 2792213

16. “Oh, you like these tights? You should, since they’re yours.”

ID: 2792232

17. “Are we not going to acknowledge this giant and his dong just standing there?”

Also, are they sitting on his giant dong? What’s the positioning here?

ID: 2792236

18. “Can you put your pinkie on my nip, please? Thanks.”

ID: 2793275

19. “I’m really glad someone invented indoor wind, it’s doing WONDERS for my hair right now.”

And it seems to be blowing in two directions…

ID: 2793278

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